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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's been a while, I know

Hey y'all!

It's been a while (nearly a year) since my last post. I've had a rough year to say the least, but hopefully things are starting to get back to more of a normalcy. Those of you on Facebook already know most of it.

On Easter Sunday of last year, both my husband and youngest daughter were rushed to the E. R. with double pneumonia. My daughter was allowed to go back home with me, but was so very sick. My husband however, was admitted to the hospital here into ICU. I was at home with our youngest, because she needed constant care. That night, he was air flighted to a larger hospital in a coma. He stayed in the coma for 12 days, (all this time my youngest was still needing care while recovering from her illness so I wasn't able to be at the hospital with him, as it was two hours away – so my oldest daughter and son in law stayed with him) Then it was six more weeks in the hospital while I stayed with him there and my daughters handled things at home - and then much rehab at home.

Just about the time that he was getting back to good health, I ended up in the ER. I was diagnosed with gall stones and sent home with advice to see a surgeon. A month later I was back in the ER, this time with acute pancreatitis and sent to the same hospital two hours away for emergency surgery. During the first surgery one of the ducts of my gall bladder that was full of stones sort of disintegrated and left a huge hole in my liver. So I was fitted with drain tubes and several days later they did more surgery to repair my liver. This was not fun.

I am however, now back on my feet, and have been working on designs more and more. I can't crochet much at one time (due to the ganglion cysts in my wrists) but I have been doing a good bit of spinning and knitting to take up the time when I can't crochet. I quite enjoy spinning and dying my wool yarns so in the future I'm sure you'll be seeing quite a bit of those yarns in projects (however, I will always use the acrylic yarn for dolls as it simply holds up best)

I cant make any guesses as to how much I will post right away, but just know I'm trying.  I do have some pictures of shawls and a few other things I've knitted  (tho many other projects of late have been gifted and I neglected to get pics).  I have a couple of crochet designs in the early stages at the moment,  so those will be a little while yet - as I attempt to get back in the groove.

It feels good to feel good again. :D

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Quick note:

For those of you who have been having problems understanding the 'feet' in the Sonic and Tails patterns,  I've put up a picture rich tutorial for them here: .  

Some of the other patterns have the same (or similar) style of foot,  so it may help with some of the other patterns as well :D

Hope this helps those of you that have been having troubles with the 'foot' instructions for those patterns  :D

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On the topic of forums...

Like many of you, I enjoy talking to and hearing from others who enjoy the craft of crochet and knit as much as I do. To that end, I joined a forum site called Knitting Paradise ( ).

After nearly a year
 there as a daily reader, I was privately contacted by the administration there, to remove the links in my signature as I was breaking their rules by not have return links on my blog and in my shop to their forums. So I removed the links, thinking the other users would be required to do the same. Weeks later, no one else had done this, so I contacted the administration again and asked why no one else was being required to do this and that I felt singled out, and was considering leaving despite the fact I truly enjoyed the forum.

The response I received? 'So leave then'.

While I truly came to like and admire the users of this site, I cannot recommend this forum site due to the lack of polite and professional administration. Their response to my inquiry leaves me to consider that the forums are run by children. A mature adult who was concerned about their site and site reputation, would not behave or respond in such a manner.

Beware the beasts, they are everywhere. *sigh*
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